Hacked adult dating site logins and passwords dating tur til polen

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Hacked adult dating site logins and passwords

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Many people — maybe even most people — reuse passwords for different accounts.

Some people may even use the same password for every account they use. Many websites — even big, well-known ones like Linked In and e Harmony — have had their password databases leaked over the past few years.

Such malware can arrive via exploits — for example, if you’re using an outdated version of Java, as most computers on the Internet are, you can be compromised through a Java applet on a web page.However, they can also arrive disguised in other software.For example, you may download a third-party tool for an online game.People who say their accounts have been “hacked” are likely guilty of re-using passwords, installing a key logger, or giving their credentials to an attacker after social engineering tricks.They may also have been compromised as a result of easily guessed security questions.

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Reusing a password for your email account puts you even more at risk, as your email account could be used to reset all your other passwords if an attacker gained access to it.

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