Great expectations dating prices

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Great expectations dating prices

Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.October 12, at You are just as vague as GE is about thier attitude. Kristine , 4 Apr 9: My "interviewer" said he was on salary and his background was in marketing and psychology. They say quality we cater to, successful, attractive, starts with dating quality singles.Well, I paid a lot less than folks listed above but I also only joined for a year. But what one of the previous comments stated about how bad the website is, is absolutely true.Very difficult to search, very little criteria to search on. Yes, one of the worst decisions I've made in the past year. I agree a class action needs to be organized to put them out of business.When she showed me the prices I asked if I could think about it. Avoid this company unless you are fond of high-powered sales pitches.Jennifer told me that today is the only day for thier sale, after today the prices will go up even higher. The "Relationship Expert" conducted the interview - nearly 2 hours long. Having recently suffered through a relationship break-up, I was quite vulnerable and the "Expert" was quick to pick up on this.

Not unlike a used car salesman, you'll feel dirty and disgusted with yourself 24hours after signing up because you overpaid.

Second, they reel you in and then try to get you to pay more for your photographs without really going over that.

They charge a different amount for people depending on how well you negotiate and then make you sign a document saying you won't tell. Once I ran it, I saw the same damn people that were on the other dating sites.

I told them to pound sand, but one could see how a nice person could feel obligated in going through, keeping in mind everything that is turned around and thrown at you.

Im glad that some money is comming back to the victims. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated.

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I joined may of so I don't remember the wordes of her sales pitch I just remember she put alot of pressure on me. The last question she asked before leaving the room to see if I would be approved was: Of course, I couldn't afford to pay that amount of money.

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