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Can you please provide any feedback on where the error lies ?Are there any known issues with wildcard certificate chains and Tortoise SVN?Running into this issue migrating a Codeplex project to host on github The following might help regarding skipping cert verification: It took a bit of effort, but svn2git should pass STDIN in through to the underlying git-svn process as of the 2.3.0 release.This should allow you to respond to the prompt and accept or reject the certificate.

The certificate is signed by Verisign, and I updated the cert as well as the ca/intermediate cert on the server.

This should cause svn2git to either quit, or print a reassuring message about how it's forging ahead.

$ git svn fetch This prints the same message I mentioned before, with a security certificate fingerprint and all, and then an additional line that svn2git doesn't show: "(R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently?

Hello, I am running svnserver using apache and Web DAV using HTTPS. The certificate I have installed is a wildcard certifcate (* issued by an intermediate CA , Comodo: CN = Comodo Class 3 Security Services CA OU = (c)2002 Comodo Limited OU = Terms and Conditions of use: OU = Comodo Trust Network O = Comodo Limited C = GB whose Root CA is GTE Cyber Trust Global Root CN = GTE Cyber Trust Global Root OU = GTE Cyber Trust Solutions, Inc.

When Tortoise SVN tries to access my server, I get the warning: Error validating server certificate for Unknown certificate issuer: Fingerprint: ca:a1:ba:7f:37:... O = GTE Corporation C = US The particular wildcard certificate is accepted by IE, Firefox etc.

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What do I have to do to get Subversion to recognize that the certificate we are using for Mac OS Forge *is* issued by a trusted authority?