Epocrates autoupdating permission denied

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Epocrates autoupdating permission denied

Another employee, Aaron, flew out after the race to help me drive back to Dallas. My son, also an experienced triathlete, flew in from college on Friday to assist me with the final prep and provide counsel.

As a film major, he shot all aspects of the race — a potentially interesting You Tube feature this summer. I consumed a few hundred calories then slept again.

My first transition was dedicated to Sam, the young son of one of my employees who got hit with cancer last autumn. Combating an urge to keep rolling, I made myself stop and reapply lotions to keep from chaffing. At mile 80 — my last time up the wicked hill — one leg started to cramp, and I realized I had yet to urinate.

I pulled out the handwritten card with his name on it and placed it on the ground before me. His fight to the finish line would far surpass mine. I forced down more drinks and salt tabs and the cramps subsided.

When the cannon fired, I was physically, mentally and emotionally ready to race.

Proper preparation preludes proficient performance. (Say that 10 times…) SAM– Climbing out of the water, I picked up my bike bag and ran into the transition tent. I loaded up on fluids and consumed 400 calories per hour, a total intake of 3,000 calories, partly to prepare for the marathon ahead.

I sped up a little so when the scene unfolded on TV, it would look like I was in second place!So indulge me one final time and glean from the lessons that can apply to both leadership and life.APRIL 10, THURSDAY– I pulled in a few days early to acclimate to Tempe and to finalize preparations.Though it was a long haul from Dallas, I chose to travel via car so I could bring everything I wanted, plus keep control of my bike.You can better guarantee success by having the right tools and by making sure they stay in optimal working condition.

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I placed her name card in front of me and voiced prayers as I changed. But how many marathons of treatments did Pam have left? At the first transition, volunteers stripped me out of my wetsuit while others applied sun lotion before the bike.