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Death note matsuda fanfiction online dating

Heated arguments have erupted between fans who prefer one name over the other.Two notes were found near the victim, both reading "Watashi wa Kira dess", an erroneous romanization of 私はキラです (watashi wa kira desu) which means "I am Kira." No other clues were found on or near the victim.When combined with the popularity of L/Light, this can lead to the series' most popular threesome, an L/Light/Misa OT3.The canon Light/Takada pairing is almost entirely ignored by fans.Early scanlations translated the main character's name as Raito.

A significant number of Death Note fans are known to have stopped reading/watching entirely after the first half of the series ended.

This trend catapulted Matt from a minor canon character (only appearing in 18 panels of the original manga) to one of the most popular characters in Death Note fandom.

The B/L (B is a new character from the spinoff prequel novel) and Mello/Near pairings both rely on obsession and rivalry for their sizzle, while the Light/Mikami ship often has a D/s dynamic due to canon Mikami literally worshipping Light as his god.

The most famous Death Note story is probably the 359,850-word epic "Poison Apple" by Robin Rocks and Narroch, a controversial but extremely popular L/Light rapefic that won the 2008 UFO Awards in the Death Note category for both first place and for members' choice.

By April 26, 2010 Death Note was the twelfth most popular fandom in the anime/manga section of as measured by the number of stories.

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Death Note is a manga series written by Ohba Tsugumi and illustrated by Obata Takeshi.

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