Dating two girls at once

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As such, you won’t be keeping secrets or needlessly creating messy breakups or hurt feelings, even while casual dating.

Rather, you’ll have set up every interaction you have with attractive women to feel freeing and fulfilling for both of you.

It’s refreshing to consider that you don’t have to play by the worn-out rules of a dating scene that makes you feel like you have to be somebody you’re not, a “bad boy”, or a player. You can go on a date with one woman on a Sunday, another on Wednesday, and another on Friday.

If that’s the case, the power dynamic is equal, which gives you both the freedom and self-respect to enjoy yourselves and make great choices.

For them, that’s the only way they can make a relationship choice that feels wonderful for them, instead of just “okay.” If that’s the case for you too, then your vibe should be easygoing and open, as if to say…

From there, if you’re at the end of Date Three and she’s not yet brought it up, you should bring exclusivity into the conversation.

It includes being vigilant about knowing what you bring to the table as a man and making sure that is met in the women you choose to date, especially any potential partner.

If you’re not searching for a serious relationship but are just wanting to play around and have fun, GO for it! It’s a fun thing to do and enriches everyone involved AS LONG AS you’re 100% honest.

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Give her the gift of your full attention and care in your free time together.

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