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Final sequences of the opera were no - 1 tubly successful in tonal balance! Kenneth, as the mayor, was another member of the cast meriting warm acclaim. Prior to hig enlisting he had been employed by Canada Packers. Leithead lives at 210' Parkview with her daughter, Lou, seven who attends Assiniboine school, and her son Billy, five. ) 4,205 Tests' Pnoved Old Dutch Cleanser of ALL leading cleansers When minutes count, aee how Old Dutch goes into action! Yes, it'a the grease - diaaolver phi Seiamotite that give Old Dutch a special, fast cleaning action no other material ha! i iquare metal - fiber Brillo pid whik pans spotless! Choral ensembles were a highlight, of the production, both the boys' and girls' choruses singing with rich, full - hodied tone. ' Roland Harper, as the piper, was outstanding In tons and action His work with the chorus In By a Secret Charm and Good Piper, left Ihe audience with little doubt as to his ability as a singer. He enlisted in May 1942 and proceeded overseas in 1943 immed:ately. Wonder - working Seiatnotite, that only Old Dutch Cleanser contains, easily erases dirt and stains. We look at the forage analysis, costings, feeds and systems available, and suggest recommendations to improve performance.

Mac Farlane, deputy minister of education, will " - I a meeting of the Glendwood Hume tnd School association in the school I auditorium at 8.13 p.m. Gladys Anderson directed the musical production with fine skill. Leithead, widow of the late Flying Officer Frank Taylor Leithead, of the posthumous award of operational wings to her husband, who was killed while flying over Germany on Jan. The area was placed under martial law following Jewish underground activities. 2 Firehall Rebuilt Preparation of plans and costs for a new fire station to replace the old No.

HJ Lea Oakes is one of the longest established independent animal feed manufacturers in Britain, with a history dating back to Swettenham Mill in 1675 where the Lea family began milling feeds to supply the Cheshire farming community.

Centuries later, we are still independent and family run, and still very proud to be part of country’s rich agriculture heritage.

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