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Dating site  registration women

So when he said he was hospitalized in Ghana, she sent him money for medical and hospital bills and for medicine.

As the sums mounted, she assured her bank that she knew Mr. After she exhausted her savings, she said, she contacted, where she and Mr. declined to make a company official available to discuss possible frauds.

Victims who are looking for romance but find online criminals instead should alert authorities, he said.“It’s imperative for someone who thinks they have been scammed to move quickly and notify the bank and law enforcement authorities,” he said. Despite warnings, the digital version of the romance con is now sufficiently widespread that AARP’s Fraud Watch Network in June urged online dating sites to institute more safeguards to protect against such fraud.

Even so, he admitted, “The chances are not great of seeing that money again.”While some swindlers are local, others are part of international crime rings and are more difficult to track, although, Mr. The safeguards it suggests include using computer algorithms to detect suspicious language patterns, searching for fake profiles, alerting members who have been in contact with someone using a fake profile and providing more education so members are aware of romance cons.

She lost 2,000, she said, to a man she met online in late 2013, but she has kept it secret from her family and friends. Brown, 68, a nurse in a pediatrician’s office in Burlington, Vt., also hid the fact she had been defrauded online.But Eva Ross, of DKC,’s public relations agency, said the site asks users to pledge “never to send money or share financial information with other Match users” and “to report anyone who asks me for money or my financial information.”She said users can alert the site about suspicious activity with a “report a concern” button.She noted, however, that con artists “have the ability to hide or mask their I. addresses using various services and software available to hide their true location and bypass our security checks.”The lure of romance swindlers can be hard to resist, said Ms. “It makes me sound so stupid, but he would be calling me in the evening and at night. We had plans to go to the Bahamas and to Bermuda together.“When I found out it was a scam, I felt so betrayed.Her reaction to losing almost 0,000 to the swindler: “I blame myself.I felt like jumping off a cliff.”Law enforcement authorities say the swindlers follow a similar pattern.“They get the victim to trust them, then create a sense or urgency and prey on the trust they’ve created,” said David Farquhar of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s financial crimes section.

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The website lists red flags to look for to identify such predators, who urgently appeal to victims for money to cover financial setbacks like unexpected fines, money lost to robbery or unpaid wages. Davies, 62, of Conyers, Ga., lost a huge sum to a man who called himself Donald Leo Moore and claimed to be a chemical engineer working on a pipe refinery in Malaysia.

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