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Examine the front of the headstock for the model number, which appears there in large letters. Look for the word "Korea" on the front and on the back side of the headstock.If it appears on either side, the guitar is a South Korean-made model.In 2001 Gibson Guitar Company obtained an injunction against PRS, prohibiting it from making its Single Cut model because it infringed on on the Gibson trademark. Players and collectors often differentiate between Single Cut models made before and after the injunction.When the injunction was vacated, PRS resumed making the same Single Cut. Determine whether the serial number is handwritten or is a graphic reproduction.A handwritten serial number indicates that the guitar was made in the United States.For years I had felt that PRS guitars were the best guitars on the market.

Today I am glad to say the high end guitar market is growing extremely well and there are no shortages of better than PRS brands that can be bought at a reasonable price.

Examine the serial number on the back of the headstock for the letter K.

The K indicates that the guitar is a South Korean-made model.

Ed Roman Guitars also builds some of the finest guitars on the market today.

But the original concept was to carry only pre 1995 hand made PRS guitars.

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