Dating places in tehran omline dating senior citizens

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Dating places in tehran

Although they were not even a couple, they were suspicious enough to be stopped by the police.“The policeman asked us politely about our relationship.One would rather say it is his sister or something like that,” explains Sadeq. She was totally OK with the situation, because she knew her daughter well and knew what was going on.” Even though there was no parental complaint, Sadeq had to go to court on the next day to clarify the situation. In the end I had to sign some documents and they let me go.“In Iran it is unacceptable that a young man has a girlfriend. But, as I said, these things do not happen often,” concludes Sadeq.

Young people are usually so witty and courageous in overcoming any obstacles in love. How Iranians fall in love, get married, how they live their love lives in.Sadeq has been asked to go to the police station about six times in his life.Ones he got “caught” with his coworker while driving.I remember, there was a girl at university who was interested in me. She replied that I am a , which means something like looking down, not flirting with girls but focusing on my studies.University is basically a public place, where people often talk behind your back if you date someone.

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She was very cute, but I was too shy, so I asked a friend of mine to go and talk to her on my behalf.