Dating ohone lines

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Dating ohone lines

Most of us have experienced an overheated cell phone, particularly that radiating warmth after a conversation that went on extra-long.

But what are some of the other causes why phones get so hot?

The infamous Samsung Galaxy S7 explosions were caused by faulty batteries (that’s why If the heat is coming from the front of the screen, however, it may be due to the phone’s CPU or GPU.

Both of these components create heat as a byproduct of operation, so when the processor is in demand, the heat production increases accordingly. But how can you tell if your phone is experiencing a problem?

But it becomes a problem when your phone heats up to the point where you cannot even hold it, or it begins to exhibit odd behavior.

There are a number of reasons why this could happen.

All phones have a normal temperature range of 37-43 degrees Celsius, or 98.6-109.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you minimize your Gmail app to check out Facebook, you are not actually turning it off.

Modern lithium-ion batteries are extremely powerful, which is why they sometimes get hot.

The heat causes the battery to vent its organic solvents which could actually ignite from too much heat or a spark.

When a phone gets hot, the battery is usually the first place to look.

Even moreso if the heat is coming from the back of the phone.

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