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I’m just trying to offer some reassurance that with the right rehabilitation, this is an issue that can be worked through so that it doesn’t have to mean the end of your marriage.I know this is a difficult situation, but I truly believe healing is possible.I do not think this makes a difference as we said we would be faithful.I have not dated other people and certainly wouldn’t. Even though we’re separated, I’m every bit as devastated by his cheating. ” Although Being Intimate With Anyone Other Than Your Spouse Is Cheating, The Fall Out Of Infidelity During A Separation Often Depends On Whether You And Your Spouse Decided To Be Faithful During It: Perhaps I’m a bit biased because I have , but I truly believe that any time some one is unfaithful while they are still married (even during a separation) this is by definition cheating.If she did, I didn’t feel that there would be any short cuts or that she would have an easier time simply because they were separated.They were still going to have to work hard to restore the trust and to rebuild the foundation that the infidelity had shaken to its core.

She had to decide if she still wanted to save the marriage in spite of the husband’s behavior.Often, when fidelity isn’t discussed, one spouse will assume that both people will be faithful and the other doesn’t.Sometimes, the unfaithful spouse doesn’t intend to cheat but they will use this lack of definition or understanding to defend their actions once they are caught.If there was any good news here, I felt that it was this.Honestly, the process of repairing your marriage after an affair can repair it to the point that it’s actually better (and stronger) than it was before.

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However, he insisted this was a one time thing that would never happen again.

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