Dating mike elliston va single parent and dating feelings

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Dating mike elliston va

When Ken's mother Ida was killed in September 1961, Val became closer to Ken and they began a relationship.

As the pair grew closer, Valerie had to choose between staying in Weatherfield or moving to Glasgow, where her parents had moved so that Alfred could take a job as Station Master.

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From then on, Ken took on greater responsibility for Valerie and the kids.

In 1968, Val was keen to get a job and thought about reopening the salon, now that the twins were older.

Val returned home before Ken and put the fire out, but was outraged that he had left the babies alone while he went out for cigarettes.

Val told Ken she would leave him if he ever smoked again.

To prepare for the birth, Val closed down the salon and converted it into a nursery.Valerie moved to Coronation Street in 1961 to live with her uncle Albert Tatlock when her parents moved to Glasgow.It was then that she started dating Ken and, despite their different educational backgrounds and outlooks on life, they fell in love and got married in 1962. Valerie was a trained hairdresser and before the twins were born, she ran a salon in No.9's front room.In 1961, Valerie moved into Albert's house for a few months and immediately caught the eye of Ken Barlow, who lived next door to Albert.They had a date, but Val wasn't as keen as Ken, as she felt that Ken would not be happy with her because he was university-educated and aspired to live above the working-class values which Valerie was comfortable with.

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As Ken despaired about losing the promotion, he told Valerie that they shouldn't have got married as she didn't really understand him and how much his values meant to him.

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