Dating gave up kuky dating

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Dating gave up

By then I was semi retired, it meant I could travel more and spend more time on my writing.

I was quite lonely as I had no family or friends close by.

Then he stopped seeing me at weekends, he said, “I need to do family stuff at weekends.” A friend advised me that he had contacted her on another dating site and I eventually discovered he was active on four other sites. I was so emotionally involved I wasn’t able to see the relationship for what it really was.

Eventually I decided to give online dating another go as I had no chance of meeting a man any other way in my small village.

My New Year’s resolution this year was giving up dating.

There were several reasons that made me come to this big decision.

I was only online for four days when Matthew came into my life.

I was born in 1943 into a working class family in Maitland NSW.

Usually I would put my aspirations on the back burner. It’s actually a great feeling knowing you control your happiness.

It’s amazing being the only person I have to impress. You don’t have to rely on a guy, and he can’t ruin your amazing day.

I didn’t want to sit at home watching TV and knitting so I decided to try online dating.

I hoped to find someone independent and suitable to spend time with.

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I have been in two relationships during the past year so I didn’t have to deal with dating scene that much. You feel like nothing more than a piece of ass sometimes and it honestly hurts your soul.

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