Dating fender amp serial number

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Dating fender amp serial number

For example, the number S/A 8481 E tells us that this is 50W amp (S/A) made in 1973 (E), production number 8481.From January 1984 to September 1992, the three-part coding was used by Marshall but the date code letter was moved from the end to the middle. This would indicate a 100W Super Lead (SL/A) built in 1989 (X), production number 10059.Starting in July 1969, Marshall starting using official serial codes.They were initially broken down into three parts: the model code, the serial production number and the date code.The letter B was skipped, as were the letters I, O and Q since they might be confused for numbers.

As many cabinets did not have official serial numbers before 1992, this can be especially helpful in dating earlier specimens.

Often these specimens produced between October 1962 and December 1964 had an offset chassis.

Look for original black levant covering, a gray grille and the old block-style Marshall logo.

We recently wrote an article detailing that rich history (which you can read here), but for those simply looking to figure out how old their Marshall amp is, we offer this shortcut.

The guide below will help you quickly and clearly date Marshall amps and cabinets, without us waxing poetic about their influence.

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These current serial numbers are arranged in a letter-ten digits-letter format (A-xxxx-xx-xxxx-A).

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