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Time really hasn’t changed wools and silks and as they were produced in a variety of widths and distinctive weave patterns from the late1800s. Generally older wool acquires a musty smell which many times even a good airing can’t dispel.Identification of these two fabrics requires knowing what’s been on the market in the last several decades and using good textile-dating reference books with high-quality colored and black-and-white photos.

Organdy, lawn organdy and Swiss muslin are often mistaken for each other.

This can be a deterrent in pinpointing fine old lawn, particularly with retro designs now in vogue.

Regardless, finding natural and early synthetic fabrics in 36″ to 39″ or narrower widths should trigger your inner alarm system into action.

Another favorite, dotted Swiss, is relatively easy to identify.

Prior to the 1940s, dots were larger, fluffier and wider-spaced on sheer or gauzy muslin or lawn.

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Rule of the thumb: organdy, still manufactured, has the stiffest finish and is ungainly to gather; organdy with a Herberlein finish is extremely smooth and sheer with a silky finish to reduce stiffness.

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