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Here are some tips for building a healthy relationship: It’s good to check in with yourself from time to time to see how you’re feeling about your relationship.The questions below focus on romantic and sexual relationships, but they can apply to other kinds of relationships, too.As your guy warms up, attempt more obvious flirting techniques, such as gently touching his arm, paying a compliment or laying your head on his shoulder.

A great relationship takes more than attraction — it takes work, and both of you have to be willing to put in the effort.

Good communication is a big part of solving problems.

If you have trouble working through things on your own, you might consider getting help from someone outside your relationship.

Subtle flirtation, such as locking eyes with your friend for several seconds, can be used to gauge your friend's interest.

Watch for return signs of interest, such as your friend making eye contact, leaning closer as he talks and smiling back at you.

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