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When I returned to India, he would send me photographs of himself. I can’t live without him, and I don’t think he can live without me. Our two eldest daughters were already in the United States getting their degrees at University. We didn’t have time to think or prepare; we just left as fast as we could. Photography had just been invented so this was quite a big deal!

But eventually he told me that it wasn’t going to work out because I was too far away and didn’t want to come back to Trinidad. The life that I had growing up was too tough for me.My grandmother has developed a habit of falling on her way home from Bridge Club. When my brother was alive, he would do that for me. Her most recent tumble took place while she was carrying a bag full of fresh berries; as her body hit the pavement her precious cargo went catapulting into the air. When I was young, there was this guy who came around — everybody’s eyes were on him. But now when I travel, I just ride in a wheelchair and people take care of me. [Suitcase help] is the only thing I’d need a man for, and I don’t need that anymore! Sitting upright on the New York sidewalk, her tiny frame shaking post-fall, she only had two questions for passersby: “Is my fruit bruised? ”Certain human attributes simply can’t withstand the test of time — the precision of our vision, the strength of our bones, the synchronicity of our limbs. I think it’s because of the AIDS crisis — everyone was having sex with everybody, but now everybody is so scared. If I could do it all over again, I’d tell myself: Don’t go with your heart, because you’ll get hurt. I’ve fallen in love using my heart so often, and it’s such a scary thing when it’s not reciprocated. I think people today just go online and pick somebody! A long time ago, you used to see somebody and you’d say, “Oh, I like that guy.” And somebody else would say, “Oh you like him? But as we grow seemingly weaker on the outside, my grandparents have demonstrated that, internally, we often tend to grow even stronger in our convictions. When you’re talking to somebody, you have a phone in your hand, so I just don’t think it’s as intimate. Falling in love with a friend and becoming lovers is so safe.

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