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I couldn’t be more happy for such an accepting family and extended family—a truly blessed situation.My parents here, with David and me, for two months now, visiting for our wedding, and sometimes I feel like I may be the daughter-in-law while he’s their son.

Within the next week, I told my parents about David over a skype call. It might be serious and I definitely see this relationship having a future but of course, we’re not there yet—that’s not to say we won’t get there because we most likely will.” “Of course I’m ok with him! The next 45 minutes or so flew by as I told them about how we met and giving them little details so they could paint a picture of him in their mind.We both ended up not discussing it further at the time.Fast-forward a couple of months, David came home to pick me up for the University’s formal dance. A polite handshake, a smile, and a brief conversation later, I could see my sister’s skepticism alleviate.But that was in India where most of everyone is Brown. If you heard them talk, you couldn’t tell David wasn’t their own son. Long distance dating was tough but not particularly horrible for us.I wasn’t sure how they would react to the news of my boyfriend being Black. Wasn’t there a big earthquake there recently that destroyed a lot of homes? Fast forward a year, I have now graduated and moved to Washington, D. After 2 years, when David graduated, he secured his dream job in the same company I was working for.

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David had a lot of Indian-American friends, but none who had only recently arrived from India.

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