Dating a bitch

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Dating a bitch

You should hustle your broke ass to a job interview. Broke girls know everything, it’s like they have a 24-hour news channel that broadcasts all the breaking news you don’t give a shit about.Broke girls can tell you who is dating who, who is getting dumped, and who is moving in or out of the neighborhood.Every Valentine’s Day, broke girls put on lingerie and stroll in the bedroom, umm how exactly is this a gift?I’m pretty sure under that lingerie I’ll find the same titties from yesterday.Everywhere you turn there are girls with designer purses, and only .00 worth of Chucky Cheese tokens in that muthafucka.

Dating a broke girl is like keeping a Redbox rental too long, eventually you will pay way too much for that shit! Broke girls remain focused on keeping their hair and nails done.

Broke girls will comment on every single photo, link, article and fan page in creation.

Broke girls will literally narrate their entire day through Facebook as if they are some kind of superhero.

The card would have been fine if we were dating in the 3 grade, but we were 27 years old, so that broke shit is not cool.

Broke girls always try to give you stuff that’s free and call it a gift.

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When it comes to dating, what do you think works best for attracting a man — and making him want to commit? When I tell you to dial down chemistry, it becomes: “Oh, so I should go out with someone who is entirely unattractive to me?

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