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i’m not accusing you of this, but in my experience, 20 year old men getting with young girls are almost always predatory and manipulative. No that's completely understandable and the mature thing to do would maybe wait like another comment said until they are ready. At the moment she's a schoolkid with basically no freedom or responsibility.I'm not singling out anyone my own age either, this just happened to be one of those things, and when she told me her age I kind of backed off. Most likely, you've lived away from home and she hasn't, you've paid rent and she hasn't, you've made applications for uni or jobs and she hasn't, you've been solely responsible for feeding yourself and she hasn't, you've had to make major decisions about where your life goes for the next couple years and she hasn't, and so forth.Second, if the laws are reasonable, what about inviting the girl and her mom out to ice cream with you and your son?You and the mom can sit st one table where they sit at another.Yeah, this is odd and I would go as far as to say it’s not really okay.I would ask your son what exactly he has in common with this middle schooler and have a long talk about boundaries considering her age.

I guess there’s a chance she has very lax parents - in that case it may be up to you to put some boundaries on their dates.

I would be uncomfortable if my child were the 13 year old.

Adults and students *in the same high school* date all the time with age differences. The prisons don't have room for all the teens who violate this law.

He told me this a couple days ago and i'm not sure how to respond. And ask him if there is anyone in his cohort he fancies? I know my 16 yr old was roasting one of his buddies for dating a girl in the 8th grade. Internet privacy as well (depending on how they communicate..chatting or texting..fully clothed, if it looks like grooming could be a problem).

I think the age difference is too much, but i don't know if i should have him break it off. Even at that age they know that 'they are only dating a younger girl because they couldn't get someone in their grade to date them'. If age of consent in your state is particularly strict..are more than 2 years apart. Even most of those states listed as no "close in age" exemption statute have one by judicial decisions.

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So I would look at that 16 year old and think, “I can totally see why she would be interested in someone older,” but I would look at the 20 year old and think, “Why isn’t he interested in women closer to his age emotionally?

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  1. I suggest you start where you are and give the person time. Are they looking for the same kind of relationship you are? Are your dreams and desires for a future in alignment?

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