Credits backdating dating agencies for people with learning disabilities

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Credits backdating

If this is true, a request to backdate would have to be made before the claim is decided (due to the rule that claims can be amended up until they have been decided). UC PIP & JSA Regs 2013, Reg 26 gives the provisions for backdating a claim - But is there any timescale within which the backdate request has to be made?Although we often talk about backdating the process is actually to extend the time limit for claiming.

There are some cases where this approach is not possible.So if your client wanted to make a claim from, say, 20/08/18, that claim should have been made on 20/08/18 but the time limit could be extended for up to a month, ie up to 20/09/18.If the claim your client made on 13/09/18 did not specifically request backdating then it is a claim from that date.The MR obviously says that there is no room in the regulations for misinformation from a DWP official.I wondered because of the wording of regulations ( 26(1) of UC 2013) regarding backdating am I flogging a dead horse or shall I plough on see what a tribunal says?

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