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Courtship connection dating

Looking back, though, we can count more than a few blessings that have grown out of our commitment to courtship.

Indeed, the fellow who wanted to go out with Heather did call our home, but after hearing Jim's explanation of courtship, he opted not to pursue the relationship. Since then, we have continued to practice courtship and, as parents with four adult children in their 20's, we have seen some very encouraging results, including their desire to be available to the Lord. Dating, by its very nature, opens the door to heartache and disappointment.In our home, a young man interested in Heather or Catharine is apt to find himself playing basketball with Ned and Drew, or helping out in the kitchen after dinner. While the benefits of courtship are intriguing, folks may balk at changing the way they've looked at relationship building between the sexes.Dating, as it has evolved in the 20 century, is readily accepted and understood. Courtship, on the other hand, introduces a different set of guidelines and behaviour patterns.Thus, when our twin sons, Ned and Drew, turned 16 they began closely observing the dating scene.When they saw the broken hearts and hurt feelings following the latest school break-ups, they believed there had to be a better way to protect their emotions while learning to be friends with the opposite sex. Finally, with Ned leading the way, he decided he would not date until he met the girl he thought he would marry--and then only when he was prepared to support her.

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