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Conor oberst and ryan adams dating

I bought the cassette at a local record store chain called Homer's in Omaha.

This is where one of Oberst's buddies plays ragtime tunes during happy hour.

The quartet released their self-titled debut album on September 22, Oberst released a new solo record, titled Upside Down Mountainon May 19, The business name is a holdover from the bookstore that formerly occupied the space.

He has cited The Cure's first singles collection, Staring at the Seaas the first record he ever bought, as well as being one of his favorites.

After 13 years in New York, he moved back to Omaha in The previous 18 months had been the worst time of his life, involving allegations of sexual assault and a serious health scare.

A string of projects followed for the multi-instrumental wunderkind (including Commander Venus, Norman Bailer and Desaparecidos) but the transformative, confessional songwriting of Bright Eyes won Oberst wide acclaim.

By the ripe old age of 23, he was dating starlets, recording albums at mystical retreat centers and venting about politics on late night television -- all of which signaled not only his popularity but also that of so-called indie culture.

In fact, for years he has been referred to as "the new Dylan". Does he finally feel old enough to pass that albatross on to someone else?

I feel like there's already been like a good five or 10 other new Dylans since me anyway, like Jake Bugg or someone.

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