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Connor paolo and taylor momsen dating

In view of that, we will be looking at if he is into women or fellow men.

Despite his preference, he sees nothing wrong in being gay and encourages people to be unapologetic in loving themselves.The actor who is of Jewish descent became active in the acting scene in 2002 but his first major movie appearance was in 2003 Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated In 2006, he decided to develop his acting capacity by getting more experience.In that spirit, he joined the professional performing Arts School the same year at the same time as Sarah Hyland, Paul Iacono and Taylor Momsen.But that didn’t hold him back as he also starred in .Read Also: Bug Hall Biography And 7 Key Facts To Know About The American Actor Connor Paolo played gay on screen for Gossip Girl, and for this, many have misunderstood his sexual preferences. He brought clarity to his sexual preference when he was spotted making out with his girlfriend on a red carpet at the 2011 Step Up Women’s Network 10th Annual Inspiration Awards.

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"Kelly Rutherford took to her Twitter today to post a super cute picture of Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo, writing: "My kids are grown up!!

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