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This can fixed by creating a new profile from Safe Mode, and logging in to the system using that account.To accomplish this, follow this procedure: Wait for the system to load the new account.This article highlights numerous approaches on how to analyze this problem and remove it appropriately from your system.Method 1: Launch Safe Mode and Perform a Clean Boot Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that starts Windows with minimal set of drivers and services.My solution is far less elegant and impressive than the others.FYI, my script is doing processing for a number of partners within a FOR...

This will change PC settings back to its default value, while keeping your personal settings and files intact.

NEXT loop, and I want to update the screen with the partner currently being processed. I expanded cell A1 as wide and tall as I could, and I picked a font that I liked a color scheme that I liked. I then I use a command button on the form set to a very small size, hidden when the form loads, with the caption "Please wait, processing..." I resize the button in the form Iniliatlise event (I simply resize to the form size using the top, left, width & height properties). I make the command button visible just before my time consuming code & make it hidden again at the end of the code.

Hey everyone, Have tried to gather information from other sources, but to little avail - When clicking the button on my userform, it goes through a quite complex process of changing the views in several pivot tables that are linked to an "report" sheet, which has all the figures the user needs in a neat format.

Else, continue with the Clean Boot steps, and identify the problematic program. If it does, repeat these steps, this time clearing the lower half of items in the Service list from the original selection.

If the problem did not occur, redo the procedure, this time selecting check boxes that were previously left unchecked.

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Boot your OS in this manner and check if the issue appears.

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