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The incredible Garima Gospels are named after a monk who arrived in the African country in the fifth century and is said to have copied them out in just one day.Beautifully illustrated, the colours are still vivid and thanks to the Ethiopian Heritage Fund have been conserved.Experts believe it is also the earliest example of book binding still attached to the original pages.The survival of the Gospels is incredible considering the country has been under Muslim invasion, Italian invasion and a fire in the 1930s destroyed the monastery’s church.[…]Read More An Ethiopian court has turned down the appeal of an Evangelical Christian sentenced to seven months in prison for “causing outrage to religious peace and feeling”.In its verdict, published on 19 March, the court upheld an earlier sentence given by a judge in the southern city of Arba Minch […]Read More A judge in southern Ethiopia has sentenced an Evangelical Christian to seven months in prison for “causing outrage to religious peace and feeling” following accusations believed to come from members of the predominant Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC).At least one of the three Eritreans, whose family member identified him in the ISIL video, was held at a detention center in Israel before leaving, the paper reported.Hundreds of Ethiopians marched through the capital, Addis Ababa, on Tuesday demanding justice for the victims as members of parliament met to discuss the killings and consider the country's possible response.

Ethiopia began three days of mourning on Tuesday with joint Christian and Muslim prayers for some 30 Ethiopian Christians killed in Libya by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters, as lawmakers considered what could be done to respond to the killings.

"If [ISIL] were religious, they would never have killed human beings," said Kedir Hussein, a Muslim who attended the joint prayers. How on earth can such a merciless and horrible act happen to humankind," Yekunamlak's sister, Eyerusalem Asfaw, told Al Jazeera. "When a human being is slaughtered like a sheep, it’s horrific." Family members stopped getting calls from Eyassu a month ago and grew worried, his brother said.

"The death of these young people is like someone was killed in my family." Ethiopia, whose population is almost two-thirds Christian, has angered armed groups over its military's attacks on neighboring Somalia, whose population is almost entirely Muslim. Seyom Yekunamlak, the older brother of Eyassu, said he first learned about his brother’s death on Sunday evening while checking the news on Facebook. Eyassu and his friend Balcha Beleta — whose death is also seen in the video — were believed to have left Ethiopia through Sudan and later traveled to Libya, where they planned to take a boat to Europe before being seized by ISIL, relatives of the men told the Associated Press on Monday. I will try my luck too, but not through Libya," said Meshesa Mitiku, a longtime friend of the two victims. There is no chance to improve yourself here." Europe's southern shores have seen thousands of migrants fleeing war and hardship, hundreds of whom have died in a string of tragic shipwrecks.

Blair Priday from the Ethiopian Heritage Fund said: "Ethiopia has been overlooked as a source of these fantastic things.

"Many of these old Christian relics can only be reached by hiking and climbing to remote monasteries as roads are limited in these mountainous regions.

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The incident, which came to light over the weekend following the release of a video purporting to show the killings, have horrified Ethiopians and sparked global condemnation, including from Pope Francis, who expressed his "great distress and sadness" at the "shocking violence perpetrated against innocent Christians." The ISIL video shows fighters in Libya holding captives, who are described as "followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church." A masked fighter in black brandishing a pistol makes a statement threatening Christians if they do not convert to Islam.

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