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Chris colfer dating

There's nothing wrong with having a little crush on a classmate, especially one as sweet and talented as Finn Hudson.

Unfortunately, Kurt's pursuit of the quarterback and New Directions leader bordered on overly-aggressive at times, and made even his biggest fans uncomfortable.

He went through countless struggles which nearly all gay teenagers face in high school and college, but he rose above the ignorance and cruelty of his peers and overcame his own insecurities to reach the happy ending he earned at the end of the show.

Kurt was definitely one of the best parts of but the show's writers made their fair share of mistakes when it came to his character and development.

Finn convinced the football team that dancing could help them loosen up before playing, and Kurt somehow managed to teach all of his new teammates the When Kurt found out that his dad was receiving anonymous phone calls at his workplace from people who were intolerant of Kurt's orientation, he decided to dim the spotlight he'd placed on himself for his father's sake.

Even though Kurt was bullied by some of his classmates on a daily basis and had countless Slushies thrown in his face throughout his time at Mc Kinley High, he refused to change who he was to make other people happy.

That's why it didn't make sense when he tried to convince his fellow New Directions members to keep their picture out of the school yearbook.

When his friends displayed disappointment over the possibility of their club not making it into the yearbook, Kurt pulled out several old yearbooks and pointed out that students love defacing pictures of the Glee Club in an attempt to prove that their absence was for the best.

Burt Hummel may be the best father in television history.

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Some of his decisions just didn't make any logical sense, and he made several frustrating and self-sabotaging mistakes throughout the series which viewers still haven't gotten over.