Bristol palin and mark ballas dating october

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Bristol palin and mark ballas dating october

Despite getting the lowest scores from the judges for a number of weeks, Palin and Ballas avoided being eliminated during the season. including allegations of fraudulent online voting using multiple e-mail addresses.

In May 2009, on Good Morning America, Palin said, "Regardless of what I did personally, abstinence is the only 100% foolproof way you can prevent pregnancy." In an interview on Good Morning America in April 2010, she said that " 'Pause Before You Play' [a campaign of Candie's] hits a wider range of message, it can mean pause and go get a condom, it can be pause and think about your life, or it could be pause and wait until marriage." Her role as a spokesperson drew some public criticism.

Palin's success on the show attracted other negative attention, including death threats against her.

In one instance, suspicious white powder was received by the show.

In September 2009, Palin formed BSMP, a lobbying, public relations and political consulting services firm.

In May 2010 the media reported that Palin had signed with the company Single Source Speakers, asking between ,000 and ,000 for each appearance.

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Lifetime ordered 14 episodes for original broadcast.

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