Blind dating plot summary

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Blind dating plot summary

After waiting hurriedly for Gogol’s delayed Amtrak train, one holiday weekend, Ashoke tells his son about the train-wreck that nearly killed him, and that gave Gogol his name. Nikhil develops a love for architecture, and after graduating from Yale, he attends design school at Columbia, then lives uptown and works for a firm in Manhattan.He meets a young woman in New York named Maxine, who leads a cosmopolitan life with her parents downtown.

He comes home every three weeks to see Ashima and take care of household chores.Ashima and Ashoke have another child, a girl named Sonia.Years pass, and the family settles into the modest house in the suburbs, on Pemberton Road.Nikhil essentially moves into Maxine’s home, and the two date seriously.Gogol introduces Maxine to his parents one summer, then spends two weeks in New Hampshire with Maxine’s family, the Ratliffs, believing that their life, as opposed to his parents’, is paradise.

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A dropped page of that book caused the authorities to recognize Ashoke in the wreckage, and they saved his life.

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