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Blind dating izle

Then, last summer, he saw a tweet from Pornhub announcing new porn videos dubbed with spoken narration, specifically intended for the visually impaired. Then, he says, "I smiled." Pornhub's porn for the blind created media buzz last June, with publications wondering at the paradox of blind people being able to watch porn.

Porn, after all, is an art form first appreciated by the eyeballs.

But that's what makes it enjoyable." Traditional porn is confusing if you can't see what's going on.

A grunt doesn't indicate the exact positioning of the actors; "You're so big" doesn't indicate exact dimensions.

After losing his sight, David, now a 41-year-old professor at a southern university, searched for porn on the Internet, settling on pornographic stories dictated to him by a screen-reading software or listening to regular porn videos without seeing the action.You can trust that Aero Upholstery is trained in the proper removal, handling, and reinstallation of steering wheel airbag.Leather E-Brake Boot & Leather Shift Boot Are hand-cut out of any of the same high quality materials offered for steering wheels.Pornhub released a second batch of more than 15 videos in late November.The company made a few tweaks after receiving feedback from the blind community—mainly, users suggested fixing the sound levels so the narration did not drown out the organic audio of the videos.

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Pornhub's content simply takes existing videos and adds a narration track to help the visually impaired know exactly what to imagine, without losing the frank sexualization of commercial porn.

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