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Best dating site for teachers

“On Selected, I filled out one application, described my ideal working environment and within two days I received a message from the director of ECO [Environment Community Opportunity] public charter school, asking me if I’d like to come in for an interview” says Guadalupe, who now teaches first grade at ECO.“Schools were able to see right away that I didn’t have experience at the elementary level, which meant that the ones that connected with me knew that I’m still at a phase of my career where I need mentorship,” says Guadalupe. The school has a strong mentorship program for teachers in their early years and a pipeline of professional development specifically targeted at helping teachers with less experience achieve success.

They usually don’t have the money for headhunters or widespread advertising.We wanted to create that for them.” Making Autonomous Schools Visible When researching and developing Selected, Tam and his team talked with school leaders, district representatives, and teachers.Tam discovered that many large urban school districts don’t feel pressured to actively recruit top-quality talent. “So early on, we partnered mostly with public charter schools because they were responsive to trying Selected in a way that most districts weren’t.” Charter schools are public schools operated by independent organizations, usually nonprofits.In exchange for increased autonomy, they are normally held accountable for their performance by their authorizers, who can close or replace them if their students aren’t learning enough.While many principals at district-operated schools must choose teachers based on whoever’s next on the district-approved hiring list, charter school leaders can be selective about the teachers they hire.

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