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Though she first earned her fame through blockbuster movies, in the intervening years, Coolidge turned increasingly to television roles, which have included Before she began dating Ross, Elizabeth was one of his undergraduate students at NYU.After she finishes her class with Ross, the two begin dating secretly, since Elizabeth is still a student and significantly younger than Ross.Angela Featherstone (born 3 April 1965) is a Canadian actress.She is best known for playing Chloe in Friends, and the fiancee (Linda) that left Adam Sandler's character (Robbie) at the altar in The Wedding Singer.Erica joined the show as a mother who was linked to the adoption agency that Monica and Chandler were using in order to find children of their own.She seemed like the perfect match, though they’re thrown for a loop when Erica first is unsure of the baby’s father, and then gives birth to twins.You may not remember Chloe off the top of your head, especially considering she was introduced as a girl who was trying to go out with both Joey and Chandler.The guys met her at the Xerox store, which may spark your memory a little bit, because Chloe is the woman Ross spent the night with when he and Rachel were “on a break.” Whether or not you agree with Ross, Chloe ended up having a lot of impact on the series.

The pair began their tryst with a night of intimacy, after which, Erin meets Rachel and the two hit it off, spending the day hanging out together.

Unfortunately, her father, played by Bruce Willis, discovers them and is not pleased with the relationship, but in turn, begins dating Rachel.

Ross eventually breaks things off with Elizabeth when he realizes that the guys are right about her level of maturity.

After breaking up with Joey, Charlie moves on to a short-lived relationship with Ross, which doesn’t work out when Charlie realizes she still has feelings for an ex.

Aisha has been quite busy since her run on We first meet Julie at the beginning of the second season when Ross returns from his trip to China with Julie, whom he had known in grad school, in tow.

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Since 2005, Pompeo has starred as one of the main doctors on the series, Merideth Grey, for whom the show is named.

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