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Android saxparserfactory setvalidating

* @param xmlfile The XML file that shall be queried. * @throws Parser Configuration Exception Parser confiuration exception * @throws SAXException SAX exception * @throws IOException If unable to read the stream */ public static boolean compare XMLContent(final Input Source content1,final Input Source content2) throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException, IOException /** * Valorizza una risorsa prototipo con gli elementi dell'xml che rappresenta una risorsa specifica.

* @param handler The handler which provides all queries. * @param resource Il prototipo di risorsa da specializzare con gli attributi dell'xml. * @throws Aps System Exception */ protected void fill Empty Resource From Xml(Resource Interface resource, String xml) throws Aps System Exception /** * Parses the supplied . * @throws Parser Configuration Exception See documentation.

You probably already found your answer but for others like me who arrive at this thread. SAX doesn't really seem to have a real specification (the spec is their website

At least I didn't find any reference in a spec or javadoc (maybe I overlooked) that is Validating should be in sync with the validation feature.

On a java application using XML, some tests must be performed with the XML validation disabled in order to ensure that the java parts behave correctly if they face incorrect data.

We also need it in order to check older methods (written more than 10 years ago).

It is the responsibility of the caller to close the RSS feed input stream. * @throws SAXException If there's an error parsing the data. 03-29 .240: W/System.err(17018): and sample of code that uses commons-digester Digester digester = new Digester(); Object Create("prefixes", Lists.class); Object Create("prefixes/prefixe", Prefixe.class); Set Properties("prefixes/prefixe", "unvoweledform", "unvoweledform"); Set Properties("prefixes/prefixe", "voweledform", "voweledform"); Set Properties("prefixes/prefixe", "desc", "desc"); Set Properties("prefixes/prefixe", "classe", "classe"); Set Next("prefixes/prefixe", "add Prefixe"); return (Lists)digester.parse(pref); SAXParser Factory factory = SAXParser Instance(); Namespace Aware( namespace Aware ); XInclude Aware( xinclude Aware ); Validating( validating ); Schema( schema ); implementation your code is receiving does not support schemas in some way.

There are some tips for troubleshooting in the SAXParser Factory.html#new Instance doco, but you can also just find the exact parser class being returned with the following (no Digester code required): // create your own SAXParser Factory, but don't call any of the set methods unless you explicitly need to final SAXParser Factory myfactory = SAXParser Instance(); //Namespace Aware( namespace Aware ); //XInclude Aware( xinclude Aware ); //Validating( validating ); //Schema( schema ); // create your own Digester and override the get Factory method to return your own factory Digester digester = new Digester() ; // use this digester as normal for the rest of your code...

I have been playing around with this for a while now, and can't relate to similar cases like this.

The elements triggering the exception are similar to this : .

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How to parse XML file using SAX Parser and also applying DTD validation.