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"This trial and error approach to romance is thought to be important for finding the right partner.

To choose the 'right' partner, an American man might be in contact with other Chinese women, visiting them, and calling them." For some Chinese women, this behavior is unacceptable.

American men also place more emphasis on intelligence.

Gorshow gives advice that pertains to any woman in a relationship, regardless of country of origin.

"What a Chinese woman should pay attention to when she is dating an American man or any man, is how she feels when she is with him, talking with him on the phone or through the Internet," says Gorshow. Or, do you feel that your thoughts and opinions are not important, that he is not that interested in getting to know you or that he gets angry quickly when you express thoughts and ideas which are different than his?

Global data from online dating site has identified some of the major contradictions.

Some are subtle, like how women in the US are half an inch taller on average, but others are more significant.

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" "A difference between a Chinese woman and an American woman is that Chinese woman historically has been the more dependent and compliant halves in a couple relationship," says Gorshow.

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