Accomidating students

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To learn more about the growing number of healthcare professionals with disabilities, please visit the following websites.

Because of this expanded definition of disability, not only are more people protected from disability discrimination, but the number of people with disabilities will also increase."These expressions are part of everyday language," the author notes, "and it is likely the apology will be more offensive than the expression." In an article for Challenge Magazine, Ric Garren highlights the importance of interacting with wheelchair and mobility device users without drawing undue attention to their disability.Offer a friendly handshake at the outset of your interaction and speak to the person directly.Most of these people have some level of hearing, so standard vocalizing may suffice.For many people who were born deaf, American Sign Language (ASL) is the first language they learn, followed by English; consequently, they may struggle speaking or writing in English.

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Disability advocates emphasize the importance of respectful terminology.

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